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The LauraMac Platform

Transforming the way the mortgage industry looks at loans in the secondary market through automation and collaboration


Execute with Confidence

LauraMac’s platform allows for the review and purchase of mortgage loans with greater confidence in the data, efficiency in the process and real-time portfolio wide transparency of the pipeline. The solution provides on-demand performance reporting to manage deliverables and load balance assignments.


Gain a Technology Advantage

LauraMac’s innovative technology applies an advanced rules engine with proven concepts in deep learning and artificial intelligence to automate, learn and facilitate processes. The technology plays well with others by utilizing modern APIs to connect with other industry platforms and is agnostic to the data source and format.


Automate Tasks & Scale Operations

LauraMac's configurable rules-based workflow automates tasks, analyzes results and shares data to scale operations.


Communicate, Configure & Streamline Operations

LauraMac's task-based workflow allows users to work simultaneously on the same loan and to communicate through our portal directly with counterparties to resolve issues. Roles can be configured by job type or experience level and decision matrices can be set up to manage escalations.

The power of our platform comes from the versatility of its design.

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